A. Assisted german hang
notes: Start with your feet on a box and slowly take yourself into your end range. If you are able to get your hips all the way open progress into a full german hang
Started assisted but quickly moved to the full hang.  Full german hang felt good except right shoulder range of motion felt tight through the pectoral to the outside of anterior deltoid.

B. Prone pass throughs with PVC
notes: begin with hands at a comfortable distance apart. maintain full grip on the PVC and only move your hands in if you can maintain perfect mechanics. get your hands as close as you will allow. Then repeat the process in eagle grip)
PVC work was crunchy on my right shoulder but otherwise good. The eagle grip wasn’t as easy to pass through. Had to go wider grip

C. Face down PVC lifts from prone position
notes: Face down with your hands over your head in neutral lumbar position. Lift the PVC pipe up ensuring your arms are straight and hands in line with shoudlers.
Same as previous movement

D. Planche lean – 10 seconds
notes: Maintain protraction and neutral lumbar position and hips level with shoulders and lean as far as you can to maintain a ten second hold. Very doable, did 4×10 seconds

E. Push ups
notes: Complete 5 full range of motion reps in normal grip, then 5 reps in reverse grip 5 normal bothered my right shoulder but 5 reverse grip did not

F. Reverse wrist plank holds
notes: begin on wall, progress to kneeling, progress to floor Easy, no pain

G. KB bent press
notes: 3 moderate load reps on each side maintaining straight legs through the movement Performed easily on both sides with 18 lb KB

H. Back to wall shoulder flexion
notes: Slide your hands up the wall as high as you can get them while maintaining contact with low back against the wall Almost could get my hands to touch above my head but low back and elbows were peeling away from the wall

I. Single arm waiters Carry
notes: recorded from front view 5 steps on each foot with no shoes on, neutral grip on the DB youtube channel: AlanaCF5885

J. Back bridge attempt
notes: begin with feet elevated and get into as deep of a bridge as you can Did one from the box, no problems and then 2 from the floor, full range no problem