A. Sorensen Hold: AMSAP (no film)  2 minute hold
B. Standing single leg good morning with knees touching
notes: Use PVC, ensure working leg stays completely locked out, and ensure no lumbar flexion easily doable each leg
C. Seiza sit
notes: from a rear 45 degree view. Ensure that your heels are touching and sit down as deep as you can maintaining that position. Do not let your heels come apart no problem
D. Barefoot caveman squat easy
E. Cossack Squat
notes: Maintain a neutral working foot and neutral hips through the movement easy
F. Active straight leg raise
notes: Ensure both legs are completely straight and dorsiflexed through the movement tightness in right hamstring before hitting 90 degrees
G. Hawaiian Squat
notes: go as deep as you can and film both legs noticed a slight weight shift when squatting on left leg
H. In-line Lunge
notes: good
I. Elevated Step Down
notes: Film from front view. Step down to the side of the box with your foot landing directly next to the elevated foot good
J. Lateral Crossover Step Up
notes: Take the movement to the highest box you can get to while only using the top leg. Lift the toe of the non working leg to ensure only your high leg is doing the work performed on 24’box easily both sides
K. Lateral Crossunder Lunge
notes: Go as deep into the lunge as you can and use a furniture slider or frisbee to allow your leg to slide easily on the floor forgot to do this one

30 min time trial row (record peak and average heart rate, record total meters and average 500m pace) peak: 2:17, total meters: 6461, average 500m: 2:19.3