A. With a 45/95# barbell perform 5 push press/5 push jerk/2 split jerk from side view and from front view Unclear on how much weight I was supposed to use, so interpreted it as 45# on push press and 95# for the push jerk and split.
B1. HS hold amsap against wall in perfect hollow body position and hands under shoulders (if you attain >30 seconds move to B2, if not, move to C1) Reached over 45 seconds
B2. Max reps strict hspu (if you attain >5 reps male/>3 reps female, move to B3, if not, move to C1) Stopped at 20 reps because my right shoulder was agitated
B3. Max reps kipping hspu in 5 min (record number of reps in each min) This was hard due to my right shoulder. Minute 1- 25reps, , min 2- 12reps, min 3- 13reps, min 4- 12, min 5- 12. Total of 74 reps. My kip doesn’t feel very helpful to me in HSPUs. Need to work on actually using my legs?

C1. Pronated grip above the bar isometric pull up hold max time (if you attain >10 seconds move to C2, if not, move to D1) Held for 22 seconds and moved on
C2. Wtd pullup – build quickly to tough single. Built to 55#
C3. Amrap unbroken strict pull ups (if you attain >10/6 reps move to C4, if not, move to D1) 11 reps
C4. 5 min amrap kipping CTB pull ups (start with big unbroken set) Could not to more than 2 KIPPING CTB without extreme pain in right shoulder. I can do butterfly CTB just fine though.
D1. Dip position support hold; amsap static hold (if you attain >15 seconds with locked out arms, move to D2, if not, done for day) held over 15
D2. Wtd ring dip – build quickly to tough single 40lbs
D3. Amrap unbroken strict ring dips 15 reps