A. Parallette L-sit Hold: AMSAP 45 seconds
notes: Maintain feet above hands and completely straight legs with pointed toes
B. Single-under/ Double-under: 50 / 30; rest as needed (45deg) video
C. Box Jump w/ step down: 5 reps @ each height: 10″ / 16″ / 20″ / 24″ (side) video didn’t work, must redo it
D1. Hanging L hold; amsap unbroken (if you attain >10 seconds with perfect form, move to C2, if not, you are done for the day) video
D2. Amrap strict unbroken knee ups; knees must get higher than your hips and you must start from full extension (if you attain >8 reps, move to C3)
D3. 5 min amrap TTB (record total reps and reps per min) 102 reps total; min1=26, min2=18, min3=19, min4=17, min5=22
E. Bent knee Hollow H1old
notes: Hold 10 sec in a full bent knee, then move into 10 seconds in a half straddle into 10 seconds in full straddle into 10 seconds full hollow. Record from side view  Not sure if I did this one right
F. Shrimp squat
notes: Record 2 reps on both legs from 45 degree forward view Very hard to get out of the bottom on both sides without my heel popping off the ground
G. Kneeling stance with toes tucked under
notes: No shoes, sit on heels with toes tucked under for 10 seconds from side view  seemed easy, no pain
H. Lateral hip bending with PVC video, felt good
notes: maintain neutral hips, do a maximal bend to each side with both hips staying above feet AND hips moving out to the side of feet. Do not allow any hip flexion in the movement
I. Cat-Cow yoga pose video
notes: Move through flexion and extension to maximal range with a 5 second pause in each position
J. Front-Back Split video
notes: Record an attempt with one foot forward then alternate and record
K. Pancake Split difficult to keep a neutral spine
notes: Record a pancake with a completely neutral spine leaning forward, then round your upper back to move through as much range as you can
2k row time trial (record split per 250m, record peak and average heart rate) Total time 8:25, 250m split 1:03, peak 1:59.1, didn’t have HR monitor