A SPlit Jerk Build to a tough Single Was a little nervous about how jerking would feel on my shoulder but 175# felt great. Split jerk and push jerk are movements I struggle with as far as technique. I feel a lot of the load in my front foot.
B. Shoulder Press Build to a tough Single 105#, felt good
C. Front Squat Build to a tough Single 200#, glutes felt weak
D. Max Set UB Bar Muscle ups did a set of 11 unbroken but could tell that the reason I had to stop was due to right shoulder tiring quickly
E. 5 Min AMRAP Strict HSPU same as above, did 81 reps in the 5 minutes but know I can do more. My shoulder was completely fatigued….but it’s not too painful tonight!
10 Second AB @100%
Rest cord Peak Wattage for Each Set
Rest to Full recovery We just got an AB last week so I’ve never done this. Feel like a lack power on it. Peak wattage: 1)899, 2) 927,  3) 1012

30 Second AB For Max Cals  14 calories, tougher than I thought it was gonna be.