A. Squat snatch Build to a 1rm So this felt completely off today. My technique is flawed for sure. I can tell thru my power position I’m not sitting back enough (feel nothing in my glutes). My max is 155 BUT today I only made 135#. I missed 145 5 times, super frustrating. I got under the bar every time but jumped super far forward and couldn’t get my shoulders stabilized. I’ll post a miss on youtube.
B. Back Squat Build to a tough Single Did not feel strong here either, did a heavy 225#
C. AMRAP @ 85% of B AMRAP End if you fial a rep, or Stop at the top for more than 2 breathes.  Only made 12 reps at #190 (started to lose depth so I stopped)
10 Min AMRAP
10 Thrusters @ 75lbs
30 Double Unders  9 rounds plus 8 reps, if there was time to make up it could have been less time transitioning after each set of DU’s.