A. HS walk – 30 feet x3 – rest as needed HS walks were good, as usual but did fatigue my right shoulder it quickly
B. Freestanding HS hold – Video 3 attempts, must stay within 1 stall mat These need work!
C. L-sit on rings for max time (feet above rings) Arms were SUPER shaky, felt like I could do better
D. Film 3 rope climbs consecutively LOVE rope climbs
E1. False grip supinated isometric hold (if you attain >10 seconds with the rings touching and bottom of the rings below clavical move to A2, if not, move to B)
E2.. Amrap unbroken strict muscle ups (if you attain 1 rep AND you also were able to perform 5 unbroken dips, move to A3, if not, skip to B) My first attempt I did a set of 6 but forgot to hit record, so I get a set of 5 in my video
E3. 3 min amrap muscle ups (start with big unbroken set) big set was only 8 reps but accumulated a total of 23, just the shoulder pooping out on me
For time This was fun with a bum shoulder, finished in 5:38
10 Shoulder to OH @ 135lbs (95lbs)
30 Chest to Bar Pull ups sets of 20 and 10
30 HSPU 15, 5, 5
20 Chest to Bar Pull ups 15, 5
20 HSPU 10, 5, 5
10 Chest to Bar Pull ups
10 Shoulder to OH 135lbs (95lbs) this felt soooo heavy, had to do 5, 5
*I want you to open up with as big of sets as you can for each set and record your number for me.