Row 1k @ 2:13 Pace
rest 30 Seconds
rest 3 min btwn sets 3-4   2:11.4, 2:12.3, 2:12.0, 2.11.9, 2:12.7, 2:12.4
A1. Rotational Land Mine Presses 10 Reps each arm x5 45#bar
A2. Feet Elevated Bridges 20 second Hold x5
B1. Banded Sampson stretch 1 min Each leg x3
B2. Single Leg Glute Bridges with Neutral HIps x3
B3. Laying Banded Hip Marches 10 alternating Reps x3
B4. Frog Stretch 1 min x3
B5. Ido Portal Hip Internal Rotations

A. Squat snatch From Mid thighHigh Blcicks 20 Singles btwn 95-135lbs rest as needed btwn lifts  ALl of my snathces felt great tonight! 5@95, 5@105, 3@115, 3@125, 2@130, 2@135
B. Back Squat 7×10-12 Reps rest 2-3 min btwn sets legs felt whooped; 7 sets 10 reps@175
C1. Front Rack tempo Barbell Split Squats Rearfoot Elevated Split Squats 4-5 reps rest 1 min btwn legs 3030 tempo x6 empty bar
C2. Tempo Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts 5-6 reps 3030 reps rest 1 min x6 125#, wasn’t sure how heavy to go
C3. Front Foot Elevated Front Rack Reverse Lunges 20 alternating steps rest 3 min x6 empty bar