Team training day was a success! We re-did a wod that I had done one of my first days training at Detour. It went so much better and it was heavier than the first time we tested.

Every 4 Minutes

9 x TNG Power Snatches @ 155lb/105lb
9 x Ring Muscle-ups


9 x TNG PC + PJ @ 155lb/105lb
9 x Bar Muscle-ups


6 x Squat Snatches @ 185lb/120lb
6 x Rope Climbs


6 x Squat Cleans @ 205lb/135lb
6 x Push Jerks @ 205lb/135lb

***Loads are heavier than the original test

Rest as needed

Then…. In Teams of 4

**2 guys 2 girls (I’ll be one of the chicks)

30 x Synco T2B
20 x Synco Burpee Box Overs @ 20inch
10 x Cal Row (Each)

10 x Synco T2B
30 x Synco Burpee Box Overs
20 x Cal Row (Each)

20 x Synco T2B
10 x Synco Burpee Box Overs
30 x Cal Row (Each)