AB 20 Min @ 155-165 BPM Avg about 55 RPMs to stay around 160 bpm
Row 20 Min @ 155-165 BPM 2:17.5 avg/500m
A1. Straight Arm Front Dumbell Raises light weight 5 Reps w/ Palms to ground, Palms to cieling, Thrumbs to Cieling, Thumbs to Ground (Rest as needed btwn positions if neeed) x3
A2. Chest supported Y’s T’s W’s 5 reps @ each letter focus on Scap retraction x3
A3. Bent Over Reverse Dumbel Flies Thumbs to Cieling 10 reps x3
A4. Seated Z Press 10 Reps with 3030 Tempo x3
*Rest as needed btwn movements make sure you are well recovered and you aren’t using major movers here This is meant to target your rotator cuff musculature specificall. There shoulder be a pretty high nural drive into the tissue.

A. Squat Clean Build to a tough Single Drop to 90% and Take 10 Singles Ensure you are not jumping forward. If you are jumping forward lower the weight  Built to 190#, but felt my low back was getting tired so I stopped. Did my 10 singles at 175# (How long can I wait between singles on a set like this??)
B. Tempo Defecit Deadlifts 2-4″ Defecit 6-8 Reps 2121 Tempo Rest 2 min x3 185, 195, 200
C1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts 6-8 Res rest 1 min x4 55#
C2. Weighted Sorensen Hold 20 seconds with 45lb Plate rest 1 min x4
C3. Hip Thrusters 12-15 reps rest 1 min x4
C4. Reverse Hypers 10-12 Reps rest 1 min x4
AB 14 Seconds @ 100%
Rest 2:30
x3 These felt a little bit better than ever before but I still feel like I lack power. Peaked at 984 watts each bout.