Row 1k @
2:13 Pace
rest 30 Seconds
rest 3 min btwn sets 4-5   Row set went ok. Rounds 5 and 6 were tough, found myself drifiting around 2:14 a couple times.
A1. 10 Scap Pull ups x3
A2. 10 Scap Push ups x3
A3. 10 Scap Dips on Stationary blocks x3 *At the top focus on pushing away as hard as you possibly can
B. CARS for the shoulder and Scapula
C. CrossOver Symytry Iron Scap    Shoulders were tired after all of this, but not in a bad way. I’m excited to do this consistently and see if it helps!

A. squat Snatch From Block Below the knee Work to a max then drop to 80% and take 10-15 singles rest as needed btwn singles   Snatches felt great. Hit 145 but then I started jumping forward with the 150 bar and missed 3x so I stopped. Did 15 singles @ 115
B. Build to a 10rm Back squat Drop to 90% percent and perform 3×10 rest 2-3 minutes btwn sets   I’ve never done a 10rm before so I think I may have wasted some energy trying to figure out where to start and how much to jump.  BUT I was happt to do 10 @ 200! Then I did 3 sets at 180. My legs = cooked!
C1. Single Leg Sorensen hold 20 seconds rest 30 secons x4
C2. KB Front Rack Walking Lunges 20 alternating steps rest 30 seconds x4  Used 2x 27lbs bells
C3. Hamstring Curls on low hanging rings with 3 second eccentric 8-10 reps rest 2 minutes x4