Row 10 Min @
2:20 Pace 2:20 pace
AB 10 Min @ 200 Watts 206 watts
Ski Erg 10 Min @
2:20 Pace 2:19 pace
A1. Powell Raises 10-12 Reps each arm x3
A2. 10 Scap Push ups with 3 Second hold at the top of each rep x3
A3. 10 Scap Dips with 3 second hold at the top of each rep x3
B. Cross OVer Symytry Iron Scap Protocol
C1. Bent Knee Hallow Body Hold 30 seconds x3
C2. GHD Side Bends 10-12 reps each side x3
C3. Hanging L Sit with neutral Hips AMSAP x3

A. Squat Clean Build to a tough Single Drop to 93% and Take 10 Singles Ensure you are not jumping forward. If you are jumping forward lower the weight hit 185, attempted 195 3x but couldn’t get sunder it at all….did my 10 singles at 175
B. Deadlift 5×5 rest 2 min btwn sets 195, 205, 215, 215, 215
C1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts 6-8 Res rest 1 min x5
C2. Weighted Sorensen Hold 20 seconds with 45lb Plate rest 1 min x5 *Focus on keeping Neutral Hips Here
C3. Hip Thrusters 12-15 reps rest 1 min x5 *Focus on keeping neutral hips here
C4. Reverse Hypers 10-12 Reps rest 1 min x5
AB 12 Seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 minutes  984, 1014, 1014
Row 15 Seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 minutes 1:38, 1:35, 1:33

I started to feel more energetic after I did my bike/row/ ski this morning so I stayed with the original programming for the day. After doing the accessory work in my first session, my right shoulder got super tight so really need to focus on getting it loose and warm before jerks tomorrow.