Row 30 Min for Max Meters    6741m; 2:14.0 ave/500m
A1. 10 Scap Pull ups x3
A2. 10 Scap Push ups x3
A3. 10 Scap Dips on Stationary blocks x3 *At the top focus on pushing away as hard as you possibly can
B. CARS for the shoulder and Scapula
C. CrossOver Symytry Iron Scap

A. Squat Snatch Build to a Max      125, 145, then missed 165 2x, then missed 155 5x and finally missed 150 2xAfter looking at my video, I saw a jump forward at 145. All of my failed reps at 155 felt great until I tried to catch the bar, legs felt powerful but my arms felt exhausted and I have no idea why.
B. Back Squat Build to a heav 3 rep not a true max   195, 215, 235: again, legs felt awesome but my thoracic region seemed to get stressed almost instantly out of the body of my squats, especially my lower lat area on my right side.
C1. Single Leg Sorensen hold 20 seconds rest 1 min x5
C2. Front Rack Walking Lunges 20 alternating steps rest 1 min x5   2x 27lb kbs

C3. Hamstring Curls on low hanging rings with 3 second eccentric 8-10 reps rest 1 minutes x5