A. Build to a 1rm Squat Clean
Hit 195# and felt sooo good! (I got too excited and forgot to record it), I went for 205# and failed 5x. I could tell I was jumping forward, not using my posterior chain much at all. Matt asked me to then do an emom build by 10# starting @ 155 so I did. hit 155, 165, 175, 185, 195 then tried 200 and missed. waited and tried one last time after adjusting my chest/butt position slightly (to engage my backside better) and got under the 200 but by then I think I was just too tired…lots of failed reps.

B. Front Squat Build to a 3rm 1 and 1/4 front squat     did 195# for 3rm, then tried 200# and got 2 of the 3 reps but got stuck coming up out of the bottom of rep 3
Ski Erg 20 Seconds for Peak 500M Pace  1:38
Row 15 Seconds for Peak 500M Meter Pace   1:39
AB 10 Seconds For Peak Wattage   1014
AB 30 seconds for Max Cals   17
C1. 10 Scap Pull ups x3
C2. 10 Scap Push ups x3
C3. 10 Scap Dips on Stationary blocks x3 *At the top focus on pushing away as hard as you possibly can
D. CARS for the shoulder and Scapula
E. CrossOver Symytry Iron Scap