A. Front Squat Build to a 1rm  220#
For Time   Surprised how bad this one burned! time: 4:37
10 Dumbell Ground to OH @ 35lbs
10 Box Jumps 20″
10 Dumbell Hang Squat Cleans to thrusters 35lbs each hand
20 Box Jumps 20″
10 Dumbell Burpees over the Box 20″
30 Box Jumps 20″
20 Min Z1 Recover AB
A1. Banded Clam Shells 5 REps each leg x3
A2. 5 Single Leg Good mornings knees touching with raised foot against wall x3
A3. 5 NEutral Hip Hip Bridges with 2 sec Iso metric Pause at the top of each rep x3