A. Front Squat 5×2 @ 200lbs rest 2 min btwn sets    SO HEAVY today!
B1. Front Rack Walking Lunges 20 Alternating steps rest 1 min x4     Used 95lb barbell
B2. Sumo Stance Good Mornings 10-12 Reps rest 1 min x4    Used 55lb barbel, never done these before
B3. Glute Bridges 10-12 reps rest 1 min x4
5 Rounds for Time
2 Strict Muscle ups
50ft HS Walk
25 Cal Row    total time: 15:47
A. Power Snatch Cluster 1.1.1 Build to a heavy in the complex rest 20 second btwn reps   worked on good form, trying not to squat intstead of power, worked up to 125 and did 3 sets
For Time
20 Thrusters 65lbs
150 Double Unders
20 Thrusters 65lbs  total time: 3:04