A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk 10 Heavy Complexes      2@135, 2@155, 4@165, 1@170, 2@175  these were tough for me today! Really tried to focus on keeping my core tight but my arms fatigued super quick!
B. 10 Push Jerks for Time 155lbs rest 3 min x2      So, I got a little distracted during my push jerk sets. To make a long story short, I was thinking clearly after I got a text message from my son and just didn’t pull the focus together.  I started my first set 0f 10 push jerks, thinking I HAD to do them unbroken and I got to 8 reps in 37 seconds and then completely failed on the next rep so I just stopped. Thought about during my 3 minute rest and did 2 sets of 5 on the second set in 1:01. Every push jerk at 155 was hard for me.
12 Min AMRAP
12 Strict HSPU
24 WB Tosses   Made 6 complete rounds. Probably rested too much on the wall balls.
A1. 10 Powell Raises each arm x3
A2. Single Arm Side Planks 30 Seconds Each arm x3
A3. 10 Scap Pull ups x3