A. Squat Clean 10×2 @ 165-190lbs rest as needed btwn lifts    3@165, 3@170, 2@175, 2@180, missed @185. I was a bit cautious on my squat cleans today since my back tweaked last week while doing them and it is still lightly tight.
B. Power snatch Clusters 1.1.1 rest 20 second btnw lifts rest 2 min btwn clusters x3    1@115, 2@125   I didn’t go any heavier because my timing was starting to feel off on the 125 and I was just wanting to squat my snatches.
C. Front Squat build to a 3rm Drop to 95% and take 3 reps, drop to 90% and take 3 reps rest 3 min btwn sets    3rm@ 195, 3@185, 3@175
Row 20 Seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 min
x6  6-7cals each set, 1468-1538 cals/hr
D1. Front Rack rearfoot elevated Split Squat with RNT Band puling knee in you fight to keep with out 6 reps each leg x3
D2. Single Leg slightly elevated hamstring isodmetric hold 20 seconds each leg x3
D3. banded Clam shells 5 reps each leg x3

For Time
20 HPC 135lbs  these were a little tough, had to break them up in 3 sets
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs to 20″ Box *Must clear the box can’t stop on top    TIME: 2:23
Rest 15 min
For Time
20 HPC 115lbs
10 Rope Climbs    TIME: 5:15, 16.5FT ROPE CLIMB
Rest 10 Min
For Time
20 HPC 95lbs
50 Chest to bar Pull ups    TIME: 2:51
A1. Foam Roll low back 2 min x3
A2. Neutral Hip Hip Extensions 5 reps w/ 2 second hold @ the top of each rep x3
A3. Single leg knees together good mornings 5 reps each leg x3