A. Push Jerk 10×1 @ 180+lbs rest as needed btwn lifts   first 5 felt better than the last 5, but hit them all!
B. Push Jerk Clusters 2.2.2 rest 20 sec btwn lifts rest 2 min btwn sets x3 @ 155lbs   I used jerk blocks for my cluster to protect my shoulder a bit, so after every rep instead I dropped the bar and quickly reset. I saw my chiro just before doing my jerks today and I think that helped a ton.
C1. Seated Dumbell Strict Press 12-15 Reps rest 1 min x4    used a set of 15’s
C2. AMRAP Strict Chest to bar Pull ups rest 1 min x4   did 10/8/8/7
Synchro Work with Dietz
2 Sets
30/20 Cal Row
20 Synchro Chest to bar Pull ups in set of 5 *must drop off the bar every 5 reps
Rest actively 2 minutes on rower     Hopefully Dietz sent you our gross toes to bar set. I know I haven’t been performing up to my ability on sychro chest to bars but today was extra frustrating. I typically have a pretty wide grip, as does Dietz, so for us to fit on the Spealler bars at Detour was tough. But I basically just sucked.
2 Sets
30/15 Cal AB
20 UB Synchro T2B
Rest Actively on the AB for 2 min   This went great for us!
2 Sets
30/20 Cal Ski
20 Synchro Kipping HSPU
Rest Actively on the Ski Erg for 2 min  This went ok. Dietz had to set the pace so we didn’t do too big of sets. we tried 4’s in set 1 and set 2 but eventually wound up doing a couple sets of 3 by the end. We didn’t have any no reps and I thought we communicated well.