A. Squat Snatch + Hover Snatch 10-15 Complexes btwn @ 120-160lbs rest as needed btwn complexes *Remember think power      This felt good today. I did all this strength stuff when I got back from detour. I stayed somewhat conservative in the weight. I’ll explain why when I talk about my back squats below.  did 4@ 120, 4@125, 2@130, 2@135
B. Power Snatch Clusters 1.1.1 rest 20 seconds btwn reps rest 2 min btwn sets x4  105, 115, 125, 130
C. Segmented snatch pulls 3×3 @ 110% 1rm 2 second pause below the knee above the knee and Mid Thigh This was tough! I could only do 1 set then had to rest so I ended up doing 9 singles instead of 3×3. I couldn’t hold on to the bar!
D. Back Squat 10×2 @ 220+lbs rest 2-3 min btwn sets  (Ok, sooooo…I did blog about this last week as well)…. I’ve got this pain deep in the front left side of my ribs/intercostals and is excruciating when the bar comes off my shoulders into the rack AFTER each set of backsquats. It started during this same strength set last week. I have been getting treatment on it (chiro, acupuncture, cupping) and it had started to feel better until we did that stupid class wod at detour last Friday with all the clean and jerks/running. It wasn’t too bad the rest of the weekend but it was definitely not great because when I tried to transfer a barbell from my back to my partner, I nearly fainted from the pain that lasted about 30 seconds then subsided but was aggravated from then on. On top of that and all the worm work, it was all jacked up. It felt a ton better today UNTIL back squats. It lit it up and is super hard to even breathe now. I got thru 8 out of the 10 sets of 2 @ 220 then had to quit, too painful.
E1. Single Leg sorensen hold 20 seconds each leg x4
E2. Rearfoot Elevated Romanian deadlifts 6-8 reps each legx4
E3. Banded Clam Shells 5 reps each leg x4
W/ Nate    Dietz and I didn’t get thru all of our work together today. We ran out of time before Detour had a class at noon. Frustrating but we did great on the first part… our chest to bars were great! I was able to hold 300 watts on the AB.   We tried to rush right into the row toes to bar, with no time to recover. I couldn’t hold much higher than 1000 cals/hr but toes to bar were easy. we only got 2 sets done and none of the ski/hspu.
4 Sets
AB 90 Seconds @ 300 Watts
12 Synchro Chest to Bar Pull ups
Rest Actively 1 min on AB
4 Sets
Row 90 Seconds @ 1300 Cals Per Hour
12 Sychro Toes to Bar
REst Activley 1 Min on Rower
4 Sets
Ski Erg 90 Seconds @ 1000 Cals Per Hour
12 Synchro HSPU
Rest Actively 1 min on Ski Erg
A. Cars Shoulder Protocol 3 reps each arm x3
B1. Banded Scap Retraction 10 reps each arm x3
B2. Scap Push ups 10 reps x3
B3. 10 Scap Pull ups x3
C. Iron Scap Protocol on Cross Over Symetry