A. Push Jerk 10×1 @ 185+lbs rest as needed btwn lifts     Skipped this, added in Bench Press 5×10 @ 85lbs
B. Push Jerk Clusters rest 20 sec btwn lifts rest 2 min btwn sets x3 @ 155lbs   warmed up and felt good so I did this cluster set. Felt fine, but could tell if I went heavier I would have over done it
C1. Seated Dumbell Strict Press 12-15 Reps rest 1 min x5   Used 20#dbell
C2. AMRAP Strict Chest to bar Pull ups rest 1 min x5    Did 10 strict c2bar each round
My shoulder/rib issue was a little wound after my a.m. session so I was a little conservative on quickly I was deadlifting for this p.m. session. I felt like I really had to focus to keep my shoulders back, if I didn’t and they rounded forward, my rib would hurt.
3 Sets
10 Cal AB @ 100%
10 Deadlifts @ 205lbs
Rest 3 min btwn sets     1:21, 1:25, 1:24
3 Sets
10 Cal Row @ 100%
5 Power cleans 155lbs
Rest 3 minutes btwn sets    1:21, 1:19, 1:19
3 Sets
Ski Erg 10 Cals @ 100%   I ONLY DID 115#, The 125 felt gross and could feel tension in my traps getting worse which irritated my rib. 115 felt totally fine.
5 Power Snatches 125lbs
Rest 3 Minute btwn Sets    1:27, 1:26, 1:27