A1. Weight Vest Hang From Pull up Bar 20 seconds rest 10 seconds x5
A2. 10 Chest to bar Pull ups rest 30 seconds x5
A3. Weight Vest Hang From Pull ups bar 20 seconds rest 10 seconds x5
A4. 10 Toes to bar rest 3 min x5

I did something really dumb…didn’t realize that I was supposed to take the vest off for chest to bar and toes to bar until a spoke with DJ the next day. Incidentally, I tore on one hand during the last round which changed the remainder of my workout. PLUS it was so ridiculously muggy in the gym that I’m not surprised I tore even with grips on.
5 Sets
AB 10 Cals
15 Wall Ball tosses
6 Bar muscle ups
Rest 90 seconds btwn sets

These sets went ok BUT changed the bar MUs to 4 strict ring MUs because of my tear. I didn’t have a ton of power on the bike. I need to focus on staying pretty tight in my upper body and pounding thru the pedals more.
20 Min Mobility on your own

3 Sets
Run 500M on Truform
15 Strict HSPU
15 Dumbell Snatches 55lbs
Rest 1:1
Well, another dumb move…..I took for granted that the trueforms at Detour all read the same but some are set differently. Pretty sure I ran .5 mile instead 500m so yeah. The run took too long but hspus were great and the DB snatch is tough for me but I tried to minimize my breaks by doing quick sets of 5.
3 Sets
20 Dball/Sandbag/KB Thrusters *Mimic the worm @ 60-70lbs
20 Burpees over what ever object you are using
Rest 3 min btwn sets
This set was super fun and tough. One of my favorite wods for regionals! Did it alongside DJ, Dietz, and Nicole.
A1. Unweighted Cars Protocol 3 reps each arm x3
A2. Cuban Press 10 reps x3
A3. Single Arm Side Plank 30 seconds each arm x3
20 Min Stretching on yoru own
A. Short Rope Rope Climb Practice 10 min low to moderate volume
My shoulders and elbows were REALLY sore going into the day.
LOVE the short rope climbs!
3 sets
45 Second Bar Hang
20 Chest to bar Pull ups
45 Second Bar HAng
20 Toes to bar
Rest 4 min btwn sets
With some residual soreness mainly right shoulder and right inner elbow, I had to break pull ups and toes to bar into 10’s. The hang was tough!
AB Sprint 15 Cals
Max Set UB Wall Ball Tosses 20lbs to 9ft target fi you get to 50 stop
Rest to full recovery x3
This is gonna be the absolute hardest wod for me both physically and mentally! Even I push it above 75-80 RPMs for the 15 cals, my WB suffer drastically. I could only get up to 30 UB wall balls each set.
Overall, I’m sore today, 5/18 in places I haven’t been for awhile…assuming it’s a result of the volume of gymnastics. But, I’m feeling pretty good.