Friday Team Practice

Regional event 1: did the 28 set

500m run felt good, could push harder if I need to. (2:40)

HSPUs did 3 sets 14, 8, 6, just because I wanted to be ok for the snatches

Snatches are tough when I’m breathing hard, especially my left arm. I noticed I don’t finish my pull just like my bad habit on barbell snatches and I try to get my legs under quicker instead of PULL!

Regional Event 2:

This is my favorite workout out of all our regional events.

The worm beats my shoulders and neck up pretty good but my legs stay fresh for the thrusters and grunting work thru the burpees is fun,


Saturday Team Practice

Started the day off with some tightness in my rib/shoulder all the way up thru my neck.

Event 3: I have been nervous about this one, did better than I expected on the bike but felt worse on wall balls and muscle ups.

DJ and I started with a set of 10, then had to do a set of 8, then 7, then 5’s from there. It was death in my shoulders.

So…muscle ups sucked. I was chicken winging every first rep, then rep 2 and 3 got better but forearm pump set in. I know it will be a little better when I have more room on the spealer bar at regionals, because I think that sets me off just a little.

I got 6 calories done after DJ before the time cap. Legs felt totally fine for that.

Event 4: we only practice half of the reps (only 3 rounds)

Again, the worm beats my upper body up a little bit but it’s a ton of fun!