A1. Barbell Strict Press 10-12 reps rest 1 min x3

After a good shoulder warm up, I could only do my strict press with 55# and that was tough to do without pain. I tried 75 and stopped immediately.
A2. I Push ups 10 Reps rest 1 min x3

Could not do any type of push up from the floor without pain, moved to the rings and was able to do them just fine.
A3. Barbell Bent OVer Row 10-12 reps rest 1 minx3

These felt great, used 105# for all sets
B. Back Squat 5×10 @ 50% 1rm 5 second pause in the bottom of reps 5 and 10

My first set felt like I forgot how to back squat but then it started to feel really good! I used 140#.
Sled Push 60 Seconds Empty sled @ moderate pace
Down load app EncephalApp – Stroop Test and perform 1 complete stroop test btween sets
Rest 5 min btwn sets 4 and 5

I’m not sure what was meant to come from the sled pushes and stroop test or what I need to let you know, but it was fun 🙂
20 min Stretching and movement work on your own.

So…. The Tuesday after regionals, my shoulder stated hurting so incredibly bad. I could barely lift my right arm and would get a shooting pain through the deltoid wrapping around down my tricep to the inside of my elbow. I started not sleeping well at all, massage didn’t help, and I got kind of depressed I think. I attempted my workout on Monday but quickly realized I should not push through the pain so I did whatever I could to modify but still do the movements. I get into the chiro right after my session and got some soft tissue work along with some adjustments and rock tape applied to support my shoulder. This made it feel sooooo much better! I slept better than ever too!