20 Min AMRAP
AB 1 Min @ Z1 PAce
10 Banded Face Pulls
10 Powell Raises Each arm x3
Row 1 Min @ Z1 PAce
3 Unweighted Car Protocol each arm x3
10 Prone Trap 3 raises
Ski Erg 1 Min @ Z1 PAce
Rest 5 min

The only things that bothered my shoulder somewhat were the trap raises and powell raises.
20 Min AMRAP @ 85%
Row 500M
AB 40 Cals
Run 400M
100 Double Unders

DJ and I did this 20 min AMRAP together. It went ok, hard to find power on the row and bike but the run and dubs felt really easy each round. I almost finished 2 rounds, about 25 dubs short.
A1. Banded Ankle on plate stretch 2 min each leg x3
A2. Neural ankle flossing 5 reps what I showed you at TTT x3
A3. Ido Portal Hip Internal Rotations 10 alternating reps x3

ALSO, I went for an hour mountain bike ride with Alye this evening. She’s a better technical rider that I, so as much as I was trying to keep my heartrate level moderate, I had to push a little hard to keep up.