EMOM 30 Min
Min 1 5 Back Squats *You choose weight Keep it Relatively conservative       used 155#
Min 2: 5 Deadlifts *You choose weight again keep it conservative and clean grip           used 175#
Min 3: 3-5 Banded Strict HSPU   able to do sets of 5, no pain
20 Min AMRAP
Row 500M @ 2:05 PAce
10 Single leg wall assisted good mornings each leg
20 Second Elongated Couch with short hamstring activation each leg
AB 35 Cals @ 250 Watts
15 GHD Hip Extensions
10 Single Leg Glute Bridges         finished 2 rounds

My shoulder felt good during my workout. Tonight it is VERY sore and fatigued. I smashed my bicep and tricep as best I could because there is a lot of tightness and pain inside my elbow which I think is bothering my shoulder even more.