A. Power Clean 12 Moderate Weight Singles rest 2 min btwn sets      used 155 for all 12, felt better as I went. Shoulder was tight for the first 6 or so
B1. Weighted Pull up 5×7 rest 1 min btwn sets x5     used 20lb db between feet, 7 reps each set. Shoulder felt good but I’ve developed some tendonitis in my elbow from not being able to use my shoulder properly
B2. Farmers Carry 100ft rest 1 min x5  used 2     used  2x70lb Kbs
B3. Sled Push 100ft AFAP Heavy rest 3 min x5     230lbs on the sled outside
AB 5 Seconds @ 300 Watts 5 Seconds @ 400 Watt 5 Seconds @ 500 Watts 5 Seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 Min
x12      My legs were shot half way thru, so around set 7 my avg wattage at my 100% went from 830-760, This is a really tough set for me. I still feel like I’m struggling to find power on the AB.

Looking forward to hearing from the doc tomorrow about my MRI results. I’ll let you know!