A1. Seated Dumbell Strict Press 6-8 reps rest 1 min x4      35lb bells, anything heavier was painful on shoulder
A2.Barbell Bent Over Rows 6-8 reps rest 1 min x4     105lbs
A3. AMRAP Strict Pull up with 3 Second Hold at the top 1 min x4      9,9,8,7
B. Back Squat 5×10 @ 55% 1rm 5 Second PAuse in the bottom of Reps 5 and 10    145lbs
5 Rounds For Time
100FT Sled Push Heavy
6 Power Cleans 115lbs       270lbs on sled, 10:17. Lower leg muscles were on firing while on the sled!!

20-30 Min Mobility