A. Weighted Pull up build to a Max If it is okay on your shoulder     70lbs, felt totally fine on my shoulder
B. Dumbell Strict Press Build to a 5 rep Max on Each Arm      did 40lbs on left, only 35 on right
C. Farmers Carry 53lb Dumbell 400M for time      4:19, tendonitis in my elbow made my right arm fatigue extremely fast
D. 40 dball over the shoulder @ 100lbs For time     I could not make it to CF kingfield today due to schedule changes because of weather effecting my son’s football camp. SO… I had to improvise with a 90lb sandbag. I did 40 over the shoulder for time; 6:26
E. 30 Second Hollow body hold 30 second rest Until you can’t complete the 30 seconds any more, note how many rounds you got         13 rounds in before I started to get some muscle spasms!