A.5 Min AMRAP Strict HSPU          93 reps,  right shoulder and arm got tired REALLY fast
B. 5 Min AMRAP Strict Pull ups      75 reps,  right forearm was on fire
15 Second Row @
2:00 Pace
Rest 3 Min
*Add 2 seconds to each row until you are unable to      I   finished thru the set of 45 seconds and had to stop because I ran out of time. It didn’t feel like it was getting more difficult as I added 2 seconds to the row each round. Maybe I was doing it wrong?? And I actually rowed at a 1:55 pace instead of 2:00.
A1. 10 Alternating Cossack Squats x3
A2. Straddle Bent Knee Hollow Body hold 30 seconds x3
B1. Shrimp Squat 5 Reps each leg x3
B2. Sissy Squat 5 Reps x3
C1. Jefferson Curl with Very light weight 3 reps Film these x3
C2. Banded Clam Shells + Plank up 5 Reps each leg x3