A. Power clean Clusters 1.1.1 rest 30 second btwn lifts rest 2 min btwn clusters x4      used 165lbs for all sets
B. Tempo Back Rack Alternating Lunges 10 total 3030 tempo rest 2 min x3     used 85lbs, harder than I thought for core stabilization
C1. Seated Good mornings 20 reps rest 1 min x3     used empty bar, wasn’t sure how exactly these were supposed to feel since it’s a new movement for me.
C2. Barbell Glute Bridges 20 reps rest 1 min x3     used 155lbs, hamstrings got tired quickly
5 36″ Box Jumps        This was a high box jump!!!     I was 1 rope climb shy of finishing 4 rounds, 3+9;  I haven’t done any rope climbing for awhile and it surprisingly felt fine on my shoulder.
5 Rope Climbs *On Short Rope If Possible
20 Min Z1 Ab
20-30 Min Mobility on your Own