A1. Depth Jump 3 Reps rest 2 min x3     seemed like it went fine….felt like I had so much rest for A1 and A2
A2. Over the Head Med Ball Toss 3 Reps fro distancerest 2 min x3      used 25lb ball
B. Seated Box Jump Build to a Moderate Height not a Max height       jumped to 36″ box
C1. Banded Monster Walks 20 Alternatnig Steps rest 1 min x3             I do these a lot in my warm ups
C2. Skater Jumps for distance 10 alternating Jumps rest 1 min x3       skater jumps rock
D1. 6 Legs only Pedals on AB figuring out where to stop your drive downwards with one foot and beging the drive down with the other foot rest to recover x3
D2. 6 Arms only Pedals on AB figuring out end ranges of motion for your Drive out with the arm and pull back into the rest to recovery x3              I don’t think I got much out of D1 and D2
AB 12 Seconds @ 600 Watts
Rest 3 min
*Build by 50 Wattseach interval until Failure     failed at 950 watts
Shoulder Mobility from PT

A. Back Squat 6-8 Reps with 3 second eccentric rest 2 min btwn sets x5    took me awhile to figure out how heavy to start so I ended doing prob 7-8 sets    125, 135, 2@155, 165
B. Deadlift 6-8 Reps with 3 second eccentricrest 2 min btwn sets x5   155, 2@165, 2@175   My grip was the limiter on this for sure!
C1. Sumo Stance Good Mornings 10-12 reps rest 1 min x3     used empty bar
C2. Hamstring Curls on low hanging rings 10-12 reps rest 1 min x3
D1. Elongated Couch stretch 20 seconds eachleg x3
D2. Single Leg Sorensen Hold 20 seconds each leg x3
D3. Glute Bridges 5 Reps with 2 second isometric hold at the top of each repx3
20 Min Z1 AB and any mobility you would like to do.