4 Sets
100ft Sled Push HEAVY     used 300lbs for all the sled stuff today
100ft Back Rack Yolk Carry HEAVY   didn’t have a yolk, so I carried a barbell @175 for 100ft
30 Second Hollow Body Hold
100Ft KB FRont Rack Cary *Ifthese Hurt do Barbell Front Rack CArry @ 155lbs Take it from a rack    used 2x54lb kbs
100ft Back Walk Sled DragHEAVY
Rest 3 min btwn sets   took me 5 min/set
20 Min Shoulder Mobility
B1. Kneeling Banded Hip Extensions 5 Reps With Neutral Hips x3
B2. 10 Alternating Cossack Squats with KB @ Chest x3
C1. 10 ACtive Pigeon Stretch each leg x3
C2. 10 Ido Portal Interal rotations x3
D.10 Alternating Banded Bird Dogs Focusing on Glute activation 

B-D felt good!