A1. Broad Jump Cluster 1.1.1 rest 30 seconds btwn Jumps rest 2 min x4
A2. Single Leg Box jump 3 Reps each leg rest 2 min x4 *You choose Height Try to make it a little higher than last week
B. 6 Alternating Rotational Med BAll Tosses Trying to Throw Ball Through the Wall rest 3 min x4
C. 3 Hard Pulls on Rower for Peak Wattage Rest 3 min x4
Row 15 Seconds @ 1:56 Pace      failed at 1:40
Rest 3 Min
Decrease Pace by 2 second each round until Failure (1:58-1:56-1:54) ect ect
5 Min Feet on Box Breathing to count of 5 second inhale 10 second exhale
20 Min Hip Mobility

A. Power Clean 10 Singles @ 160-170lbs rest as neede btwn lifts minimum 2 min   these felt like they used to when I would hop slightly forward, bar felt like it was out in front, not traveling up with my momentum. they felt gross. I’ll post a few, just to warn you all the reps at 165 were probably a squat.    I did 7@160, 3@165
B. Back Squat 5×10 @ 55% 1rm rest 2 min btwn sets   felt great. 140#
C1. Single leg reverse Hyper 10 reps rest 1 min x4
C2. Glute Ham Raises 10-12 reps rest 1 min x4
C3. Single leg Romanian Deadlifts 10-12 reps each leg rest 1 min btwn legs x4
7 Min AMRAP                     I finished thru the round of 15’s plus 10
3-3-6-6-9-9 ect ect
Suitcase Squats with 70lb Dumbells each hand
Box Jumps 36″
20-30 Min Mobility