A. Box Jump Build to a Moderate Height not a Max    39inches
B. Bottom of Burpee Positions to Max Broad Jump 10 Attempts at Max as soon as feet hit the ground  attempt to jump as far as you can. Don’t pop up and “wind up for the jump” Pop up and jump immediatly as far as you can       8ft each jump
AB 20 Cals For Time      set 1: 43 seconds, set 2: 50 seconds; I didn’t feel recovered at all yet for the second one. It felt awful.
Rest 3

A. Back Squat build to a 5rm      I did 5 @ 205# and stopped there because it bothered my shoulder
B. Deadlift Build to a 5rm           5 @ 235# and I felt like I could go heavier but my grip couldn’t hang on
C. Reverse Hypers 10 Reps rest 2 min x2
D. Glute Ham Raises 10 reps rest 2 m in x2
20 Min Shoulder mobility from PT