A. Accumulate 25 Kneeling Jumps to squat 3 different Variations you can use
B1. 3 Arms only pulls on rower x3
B2. 3 Legs only only pulls on rower x3
B3. Row 20 Seconds For Lowest Pace Per 500M rest 3 min x3     1:41, 1:40, 1:40
20 Min AB @ 210 Watts
20 Min Mobility

A. Power Clean 12 Singles @ 165-175lbs rest as neede btwn lifts minimum 2 min  7@165, 4@170, 1@175, Felt great today. My elbows felt a little slow under the bar or maybe it was too far away from my body because on a few I caught them low on my shoulders.
B. Back Squat 5×10 @ 60% 1rm rest 2 min btwn sets   155lbs
C1 Reverse Hyper 10 reps rest 1 min x5  50lbs
C2. Glute Ham Raises 8-10 reps rest 1 min x5 *Add Weight if Possible  10lb plate
C3. 10 Single leg Romanian Deadlifts w/ Rearfoot Elevated on bench 8-10 reps each leg rest 1 min btwn legs x5
4 Rounds for time
20 Wall Ball Tosses
30 Double Unders
20 Lateral Box Jump Overs    8:32, my legs faded on the box jumps each round but were fine for wall balls each time. All sets unbroken
A1. Foam Roll Calve 2 min x3
A2. Banded Ankle Dorsi Flexion Stretch 2 min each ankle x3
B1. 2 Min Foam Roll Quads x3
B2. 5 Sissy squats x3