A1. Banded Strict Press With Red Band 30 reps rest 20 seconds x4
A2. Weighed Feet Elevated Ring Rows 10 reps rest 1 min x4
B1. AMRAP Uneven Ring Pull ups rest 1 min btwn lead arms x4                                           L10 R10/L8 R7/L7 R8/L7 R7

B2. AMRAP Tempo Strict HSPU to 2″ defecit 30X3 Tempo rest 1 min x4     8/10/8/9
B3. AMRAP Strict Chest to bar Pull ups rest 1 min x4      8/7/6/6  Right arm was very fatigued by the time I got to the chest to bars each time.
Running time on 45 Minute Clock
As many rounds of…..
AB @75% max wattage as long as comfortable
Rest 45 seconds
10 Lateral Box Jump Overs 24″
Rest 90 seconds
*Once pain sets in on AB, muscles begin to fatigue, respiration begings to get out of control, HR spikes, etc, Stop. DO NOT be ‘tough’ here).
*Terminate workout once you can no longer hit the rx’ed wattage, Box Jump speed beings to fall apart, you compensate biomechanically, HR doesn’t get back to baselien during rest, or respiration cannot get back to baseline during rest. For remaining time AB at a LOW intensity

Got 15 rounds in, I’m getting very fast at lateral box jumps 🙂 and I feel like I’m getting more powerful on the AB FINALLY!