A1. 1/2 Kneeling Barbell Press 3 reps with left leg Forward 3 reps with right leg forward rest 1 min x4   65lbs
A2. Bent Over single arm Land mine rows 6-8 reps each arm rest 1 min x4      55lbs
B1. Active Arch Hang From Pull up bar 30 seconds rest 1 min x3    felt good
B2. 6-8 Feet on Ground Bulgarian Ring Rows (Elbows out Wide) rest 1 min x3  felt good, slightly tight in my right trap from shoulder stuff
3 sets
Double KB Waiter Walk 50 ft  53lb KBs
50ft Sled Push  325lbs
50ft Walking lunge w/ Dumbells each hand   50lb bells
Rest 2-3 min btwn sets
B1. BAnded Frog Pumps 10 reps rest 1 min x4
B2. 10 Seated Good morings rest 1 min x4
B3. Single leg Romanian deadlifts rest 1 min x4