A1. Belted Banded Vertical Jump Accumulate 20 reps every 2 Reps move to A2 *Tie a band into a Dip and around a KB or soemthing that will hold the band down and provide resistance during your jump
A2. Single Leg Box Jump 3 reps each leg then move back to A1.
AB 12 @ 100%       last 4 sets 1058
Slwo Spin 1:48
Progressively Increase pace over the course of the of the 10 min so that your last 4 are at all out efforts
SHoulder Mobility from PT

A. Back Squat Build to a 3rm *Drop to 95 and 90% and Take a set there    3@235, 225, 215
B. Deadlift Build to a 3rm *Drop to 95 and 90% and take a set there           3@255, 245, 235
C1. KB Sumo Stance Defecit KB DL 2-4″ Defecit 5-6 reps rest 1 min x5
C2. Standing Neutra Hip Banded Hip thrusts 10 reps rest 1 min x5
D1. Supine Squat Feet on Bench Pressing heels into bench to activate hamstring 20 seonds res t 1min x5
D2. 5 single leg Circling back extensions each leg rest 1 min x5
20 Min Z1 AB and any mobility you would like to do.